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Clean Energy Innovation at Village Scale | NYSERDA - Minoa, NY



This is a exciting and great opportunity for all of our residents and businesses to save on their energy bill. 

The Village of Minoa board is thrilled to be able to give our residents a way to save on their gas and electric bill. No need to worry about National Grid raising their prices. We will be able to buy energy at a lower cost for you.  Any questions please reach out to me at

All municipalities should take advantage of this great opportunity.


Mar 29, 2018  Jason Emerson Eagle Bulletin

The Villages of Fayetteville and Minoa are two of five New York communities that can soon save money on energy bills as part of the Good Energy Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program. The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) approved the Good Energy-designed and -managed CCA plans January 18.

“We’re not a reactive village, we’re proactive. It’s our job to look at ways to help our residents,” said Village of Fayetteville Mayor Mark A. Olson. “Good Energy is a good choice because we’re able to help residents save money through bulk energy buying. With Good Energy, Fayetteville will also have renewable energy options. We’re always looking for a way to reduce our carbon footprint.”

“My goals as mayor include finding ways to save money and being energy efficient,” said Village of Minoa Mayor William F. Brazill. “Good Energy has provided an easy, win-win way for residents of the village to save money on energy bills, and the village will have renewable energy options as well.”

New York’s CCA enables local governments to purchase energy in bulk on their residents’ behalf. Energy consultants such as Good Energy then manage the programs, which often lower energy prices for businesses and residential consumers alike.

In addition to the possibility of lower energy prices through bulk-purchasing, Good Energy can provide the Village of Fayetteville and other New York communities with renewable-energy options including energy storage, distributed generation and community solar.

The five municipalities participating in this CCA are the Village of Coxsackie and the towns of Cairo and New Baltimore in Greene County, and the villages of Fayetteville and Minoa in Onondaga County.

“Good Energy has been working hard behind the scenes with the PSC and Fayetteville and Minoa to get this program off the ground in the most effective way we know how. Plans and strategies are now set and we are finally ready to begin the process of helping residents and businesses save on energy bills,” said Javier Barrios, Managing Partner of New York City-based Good Energy.

“Residential and small-business customers can reduce their energy bills, take advantage of renewable energy choices and enjoy other money-saving services thanks to the bulk-purchasing leverage of these community-based associations,” PSC Chairman John Rhodes said.

In 2015, New York’s PSC authorized the creation of CCAs as part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision program. New York is the seventh state to allow CCAs, and Good Energy participated in the initial design of its first such program in Westchester County. Good Energy met with leaders of the five Central New York and Capital District communities for about a year to develop the program, which could begin operating in the second quarter of 2018.

To join or establish a CCA, communities must pass laws permitting them, with the proviso that residents and small businesses can choose to stick with their existing utility. Good Energy will help each of the first five localities select an energy service company to manage its CCA.

Once municipalities sign an agreement, residents are automatically enrolled, though they aren’t required to sign up; they’ll subsequently receive a letter telling them how to opt out should they choose. Small businesses can also participate

William F. Brazill

240 North Main Street, Minoa, NY 13116