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Village Office

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Phone: 315-656-3100
Fax: 315-656-0825


240 N. Main St., Minoa, NY 13116

Lisa L. DeVona

Privacy Notice
Please note that the 2019-2020 Budget has no tax increase this year. Tax rate remains at $9.23 per thousand.

Responsibilities of the Clerk/Treasurer
The Clerk/Treasurer is a supervisory, administrative position appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Village Board for a two-year term.
The responsibilities of Clerk are custody of books and records, responsibility for minutes, local legislation, order to pay claims, transmitting funds, production of books and records, notice of defects, and oaths of office.

The Treasurer is the Chief Fiscal Officer of the Village and as such, is responsible to account for and issue reports on the financial activity of the Village including bank deposits, signing of checks, payment of claims, and the filing of the Annual Financial Statement.
The Village maintains the following government funds: General Fund, Special Revenue Funds including Water Fund, Sewer Fund, and Community Development Fund, Trust & Agency Fund, Capital Funds, General Fixed Assets and General Long Term Debt Account Groups, and Debt Service Fund.

Staff consists of Donna Miller and Barb Sturick, both Deputy Clerk/Treasurers.
If you should have any comments, suggestions, or questions you may have concerning the Village of Minoa and its operation please do not hesitate to contact the Village Office at (315) 656-3100.

The Village Clerk's Office provides the following information and documentation:
1. Board Meeting Minutes - Records of adopted minutes from the meetings of the Village Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals are available in the Village Clerk's office.
2. Building Permits - Issued to Homeowners and Buildings Contractors after review of application and requested information by the Village Codes Enforcement Officer.
3. Village Code - E-Code for Village of Minoa, NY
240 North Main Street, Minoa, NY 13116