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WWTF Supervisor
Steve Giarrusso

Message from the Supervisor:

The Village of Minoa in its uniqueness of its self-sufficiency has its own wastewater treatment facility servicing a population of approximately 3,345 residents. It also receives flows from the ESM High School, Pine Grove Middle School, Woodland Elementary School, and the ESM Bus Garage that are outside the Village limits.

At first glance, the Minoa facility could simply be considered a small plant; however, it is in reality a very unique facility composed of three totally different kinds of biological reactors. The collection system consists of 28.5 miles of sewer and one main pump station. Several improvements have been made and we continually are improving the infrastructure of the Village. In 1997 the Village completed its construction upgrade of the plant. The project, spread out over several years, included installation of plastic media in the original trickling filters, construction of sequencing batch reactors (SBRs), and installation of three constructed wetlands. Since a large section of the collection system is built below groundwater levels, the wetlands were originally built to handle wet weather flows.

Since the upgrade was completed, the operators have found that the wetlands are tremendously efficient at removing pollutants. Each of these reactors has its own personality and temperament. For this reason, the operators have to be skilled in all aspects of the Minoa facility and its diversities.

Research is currently being conducted to better understand the workings of these reactors, enabling researchers to maximize their performance. Logistically, the plants permitted flow is 0.73 million gallons per day (mgd) for dry weather flow and 0.99 mgd for wet weather flow.

The Village of Minoa's wastewater facility is staffed by one certified 3A operator - Steven Giarrusso, Research Biologist, Chief Operator and one 2A Operator Eric Cushing. For further information, please contact the Wastewater Treatment Facility at (315) 656-7539.

W.W.T.F. Staff
Eric Cushing

Joshua Marko